All constructed scenarios of the Basic Criminal Court come to light and justice and truth always surfaces, Jovica Strasevski said Tuesday in a press release.

A hearing in the TNT case was scheduled for today, 04.01.2020, but it did not take place because there was no proper invitation by the court to defendant Toni Trajkovski and I as his attorney asked by the judge I replied and gave a statement to the media that Tony Trajkovski had no proper invitation for a new hearing, it was not accepted by the judge and a warrant was issued for Tony’s arrest to attend tomorrow’s trial 15/20/20. That Toni Trajkovski as a defendant has not been properly served with the court invitation shows the following evidence. Namely today 14.01.2020 Toni Trajkovski during regular registration in the court requested to be summoned for a new hearing and it was not submitted by the court, for which the defendant Toni Trajkovski sent a written notification to the court which is fully attached to this statement, reads Strasevski’s statement.