Tag: Jovica Strasevski
Macedonia 15.12.20 | 18:39

Strasevski: Tight connection between Amzovski’s contributions to the International Association and the withdrawal of the indictment

The connection is tight because a few days after the indictment against Ardian Amzoski was withdrawn, after 17 days he pays 13,350,000 to the International Association and Boki cash on hand, or the total within a month is around 850,000 euros, an amount that this judiciary and the special prosecutor’s...

Macedonia 20.01.20 | 17:02

Lawyer Strasevski files criminal charges against Criminal Court President Ivan Dzolev

Toni Trajkovski’s lawyer, Jovica Strasevski, today filed criminal charges against the President of the Criminal Court Ivan Dzolev, Republika has learned. The criminal charges were filed on three grounds: 1.    abuse of power and authority under Art. 353 p. 5 of CL 2.     unfounded work in...

Macedonia 14.01.20 | 19:12

Strasevski presents evidence: There was no proper invitation by the court to the defendant Toni Trajkovski

All constructed scenarios of the Basic Criminal Court come to light and justice and truth always surfaces, Jovica Strasevski said Tuesday in a press release. A hearing in the TNT case was scheduled for today, 04.01.2020, but it did not take place because there was no proper invitation by the court to...

Macedonia 11.01.20 | 17:35

Strasevski to Dzolev: This is a precedent in the judiciary, I’m not afraid of your threats!

Lawyer Jovica Strasevski addressed Saturday in an open letter  his colleague Ivan Dzolev who is president of the Basic Criminal Court, criticizing him for his recent unlawful acts. I take this opportunity to point out another unlawful act that you did yesterday. Namely, despite the fact that I have...

Macedonia 09.01.20 | 15:24

Strasevski says Criminal Court is manipulating the public

Following recent statements by the Basic Criminal Court, Jovica Strasevski, lawyer of former Gazi Baba Mayor Toni Trajkovski in the “TNT” case, sent a new open letter to the media. Recent statements by the Basic Criminal Court are intended to distort the truth and misrepresent the facts to...

Macedonia 09.01.20 | 10:24

Lay judge in TNT case with expired term submits her resignation, Dzolev refuses to accept it

Lawyer Jovica Strasevski, defender of Gazi Baba ex-mayor Toni Trajkovski, a defendant in the TNT, made an extraordinary announcement to the public that yesterday, lay judge Lidija Ivanovska-Kocoska, whose term ended on December 24, submitted her resignation from the position of lay judge due to expiry...

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