Oliver Spasovski is desperately trying to get through some of the prime ministerial ‘grandeur’ that Zaev has given to him to hide the chaos and turmoil he left behind, reacts interim Interior Minister Nake Culev after the current interim prime minister and his predecessor, Oliver Spasovski said indirectly today that he expects all misunderstandings between the two ministers to be resolved and that the disputed issues to be overcome through dialogue.

Today he states that the least important was what kind of official vehicles he used, and in the first few hours when he was appointed interim minister, until after midnight, he was conducting pursuits after MoI’s official vehicles. The same was repeated on the last day when, as a Minister, he deliberately distributed vehicles from the Ministry of the Interior to other institutions and organizational units. It is important where Mr. Spasovski’s vehicles are because in the past 3 years the people close to your subordinates have been driving in police cars, hiding damaged cars, inspectors were in the company of criminals and suspects, and now you want to ensure them to repeat the same things from the previous election cycles. Instead of being used for protection of the state border, some of them are operated daily from Kumanovo to Skopje and back by MoI advisors. Finally, what career system did you advocate for when your favorite tool for deployment and promotion was your orders? Obviously the rules mean nothing to you. It is crucial for citizens to know if officials are abusing us, or will we continue to hear the same demagogues as we have until now, Culev wrote on Facebook.