Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski revealed in Friday’s press briefing that new traffic cameras are slated to be installed in Skopje, Kumanovo, Tetovo, and along the country’s highways.

The Minister explained that the installation process is ongoing but classified. Further details will be disclosed upon the completion of the procurement process.

Spasovski emphasized the comprehensive upgrade of the system, catering to both public safety and traffic management. The cameras will not only cover fixed locations but also include mobile systems deployed nationwide. However, due to the classified nature of the procurement, specific information cannot be shared presently.

Regarding privacy concerns amid training programs, Spasovski highlighted the yearly adaptations of training to align with evolving work trends. Upholding integrity and respecting human rights, particularly privacy, are paramount. Nonetheless, he acknowledged that despite these efforts, internal control data reflects an increase in complaints and work suspensions, indicating some individuals are not adhering to established norms.

When addressing journalist safety during elections, Spasovski mentioned conducting several training sessions to ensure their adequate protection.

He stressed the importance of political parties and entities in ensuring a secure election environment, hinting at forthcoming meetings with Interior Ministry representatives. These discussions aim to foster a sense of collective responsibility, acknowledging the media’s role in aiding societal progress rather than being obstructed.