Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski stated in an interview for TV 24 that discussions and analyses are ongoing regarding a possible coalition between SDSM (Social Democratic Union of Macedonia) and DUI (Democratic Union for Integration). Spasovski emphasized the importance of reaching a decision that provides certainty, prosperity, and aligns with the realization of strategic and national interests.

When questioned about the potential involvement of Russian actors in obstructing Macedonia’s path to the European Union, Spasovski acknowledged the existence of Russian influence and forces that do not wish well for the country. He highlighted instances of attempts to hinder Macedonia’s strategic national interests, including the spread of fake news and the expulsion of diplomats. Spasovski expressed the commitment to continue the work of Macedonia’s intelligence community to prevent external interference in decision-making and obstruction of strategic national goals.

Spasovski emphasized that, in his view, the country has no alternative to the European path and reiterated the importance of working towards preventing external influences that could impede Macedonia’s strategic objectives.