It is a special honor and pleasure that today I will be a part of this wonderful event organized by the Pan-European Union of Macedonia. Many thanks to Ambassador Lepavtsov, who invited us, who invested a lot of energy to make this look the way it does. We have really eminent guests, eminent panelists, I expect a quality discussion, said today the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Miskoski.

I expect everyone to present their point of view objectively. Today I will talk about the challenges faced by the Macedonian people and Macedonia on that road to the EU, challenges that no nation in Europe had. Then I can say that the Macedonian people are the only ones in Europe who, for more than two decades, despite all the concessions they made for those values and in the name of those values, are still in the corridor. Unfortunately, due to the hegemonic approach of certain of our neighbors and I would say the lack of will within the EU itself, we are still in the corridor, and we cannot negotiate because we saw when there is a clearly expressed will in the EU itself, how the problems are solved at the last December summit, Mickoski pointed out.