In a message on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, President Stevo Pendarovski emphasized the collective responsibility to preserve the truth about the Holocaust, remember the injustices committed, and honor the millions of victims. He stressed the need to oppose all forms of evil arising from stereotypes, fear, and mutual misunderstanding, emphasizing that this is crucial for the establishment of justice and peace.

Pendarovski highlighted that the day commemorates one of the most horrifying atrocities in human history, serving as a reminder of the consequences of intolerance and a lack of respect for diversity. He urged ongoing efforts to educate new generations in the values of morality, respect for differences, and the human rights of every individual. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of building a society free from discrimination, xenophobia, antisemitism, antigypsyism, and racism.

In observing International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the message from President Pendarovski underscores the commitment to learning from history and fostering a world that promotes tolerance, understanding, and human rights.