In a Facebook address on Saturday, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti declared Sunday as a historic day, anticipating the election of the first Albanian Prime Minister of Macedonia.

“This day is historic for both Albanians and Macedonians, as well as everyone else, as we move towards becoming an equal country and society, overcoming all prejudices. Together, we are taking on the responsibility of leading the country not one behind the other, but side by side, together, for a European Macedonia,” said Ahmeti.

He expressed gratitude to the citizens for believing in and supporting their shared dream. However, Ahmeti emphasized that this is just the beginning, stating, “This is not the end; we have a lot more work and dreams to realize.”

Ahmeti called for unity, urging people to extend their hands to one another, leaving behind divisive issues and uniting over common goals. According to him, the upcoming vote will define the lives of future generations.

“Should we leave a European Macedonia or a pro-Russian Macedonia to our nieces and nephews? A democratic or an authoritarian country? Peace or conflict? Progress or status quo? That’s why we must come together,” emphasized Ahmeti.

It’s worth noting that Ahmeti’s address was published in Albanian on Facebook without subtitles in Macedonian.