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Macedonia 07.01.20 | 12:23

Ali Ahmeti extends Christmas greetings

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti congratulated the citizens on the occasion of the great Christian holiday – Christmas, wishing health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Christmas is a great and important Orthodox holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and unites in the sincere mutual wishes for health,...

Macedonia 29.12.19 | 20:35

Why Kovacki is a good solution for Ahmeti but unacceptable for Zaev?

For the coalition partner in government Ali Ahmeti, the choice of Hristijan Mickoski Dragan Kovacki to head the MoI is quite justified. After meeting with Mickoski in Parliament, Ahmeti said that he was a professional, not known as a political activist in civilian life. DUI leader assessed that Kovacki...

Macedonia 28.12.19 | 17:54

Ahmeti: Mickoski’s proposal for interior minister is good

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said Saturday after meeting with Hristijan Mickoski that the proposal of VMRO-DPMNE leader was good. For me, Mickoski’s proposal for interior minister is good. He is a professional man, Ahmeti said after meeting with Mickoski.

Macedonia 28.12.19 | 17:40

Mickoski, satisfied with the meeting with Ahmeti, expects a fruitful meeting with the outgoing Prime Minister

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski assessed the meeting with Ali Ahmeti DUI President and outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s coalition partner as brief and successful, who is obliged to announce the names of his proposed ministers to the largest government participants. We discussed the...

Macedonia 28.12.19 | 10:34

Mickoski to hold meetings with Ahmeti and Zaev to discuss the interim government

A week before the expected formation of the interim government, VMRO-DPMNE opposition leader Hristijn Mickoski is set to meet Saturday with Prime Minister and leader of the ruling SDSM Zoran Zaev and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti. It is announced that Mickoski will first meet Ahmeti in the Parliament at 16 h,...

Macedonia 26.12.19 | 15:13

Procedure read differently: If Zaev steps down on January 3, elections must be held?

As the term for the formation of the interim government approaches, memories of 2016 returned when this format was first established as a result of the Przino Agreement. Then, at the beginning of January, the then Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski stepped down, and Emil Dimitriev was voted as interim prime...

Macedonia 25.12.19 | 22:29

“Alfa”: Mickoski to meet with Zaev and Ahmeti to discuss interim government on Saturday

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski will meet outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and DUI leader Ali Ahmeti on Saturday, Alfa has learned. According to the TV station sources, the meeting between Mickoski and Zaev will take place on Saturday at 17h at the Macedonian government building, while later...

Macedonia 12.12.19 | 11:14

Ahmeti: We used Venice Commission to reduce tensions and prejudices among Macedonians

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said yesterday that the Law on the Use of Languages was sent to the Venice Commission for an opinion only to reduce the then current tensions that arose among Macedonians. According to the leader of the government’s coalition partner, the legal solution was then agreed and...

Macedonia 11.12.19 | 21:25

Ahmeti: Languages Law should not be politicized and used for election campaigns

DUI President Ali Ahmeti said Wednesday in Cair that he does not want the issue of the Law on Languages to be politicized and used for the election campaign. According to him, this law was adopted by consensus, had a great deal of debate, and is a law that derives from the Ohrid Agreement. The law as...

Macedonia 02.12.19 | 10:42

Ahmeti calls a meeting of the DUI presidency

DUI President Ali Ahmeti called a meeting of the party’s Central Presidency. DUI informs that the meeting will be held today at 15:00h at the party headquarters in Tetovo. The meeting will focus on the fourth DUI election congress, future program commitments and statutory changes, the party said...

Macedonia 21.11.19 | 17:53

Ahmeti: Coalition with SDSM is working, Zekiri is not important

The coalition with the SDSM operates normally. My relations with SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and other party structures are stable and good, DUI President Ali Ahmeti said on Thursday. Commenting on Muhamet Zekiri’s statement, Ahmeti said the MP was not a legitimate representative of SDSM’s policies. There...

Macedonia 20.11.19 | 15:14

Albania Honorary Consulate opens in Bitola

The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Albania was officially opened in the center of Bitola on Wednesday. Imer Selmani is the Honorary Consul. Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani and Education Minister Arber Ademi attended the ceremony on behalf of the government. Bitola Mayor Natasa Petrovska...

Macedonia 20.10.19 | 21:13

Ahmeti: The most important thing is that the elections are democratic

Following the leaders’ meeting, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said that this was the most constructive meeting ever. He reiterated that all political parties in the country are unanimous that the state must start negotiations with the EU. Reagarding the parliamentary elections that Prime Minister Zaev...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 22:37

Ahmeti says elections are the best solution after not getting a date to start negotiations

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti has said his party is ready for early elections, Alsat reported. Ahmeti sees the elections as the best solution, after failing to get a date for the start of negotiations. Ahmeti reiterated his request for vetting in all structures.

Macedonia 18.10.19 | 20:55

Zaev also consulted with Ahmeti

After consulting with European leaders on the conclusions reached at the European Council, which delayed the decision to start Macedonia’s EU accession negotiations, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev also met with the DUI coalition partner. The meeting with Ali Ahmeti was held in the Government building,...

Macedonia 23.09.19 | 22:11

Ahmeti: Candidate selection system in the Academy for Judges and Prosecutors is being manipulated

In the latest issue of the Fokus weekly, DUI leader and SDSM coalition partner Ali Ahmeti himself confirmed the allegations that the system of selecting candidates for future judges and prosecutors was being manipulated. Recently the handover of the SPO cases took place. On one occasion you stated that...

Macedonia 16.09.19 | 10:40

Ahmeti: If there was crime involving DUI, no one would have spared us

Zoran Zaev’s coalition partner, Ali Ahmeti, at the election assembly of the party branch in Cair, told his party colleagues not to worry about El Cheka bombs. There were concerns among some of my party colleagues about some of the tapped materials. Let them, they are futile. If there was crime...

Macedonia 16.09.19 | 09:45

Ahmeti: What El Cheka publishes are just small bubbles, don’t pay attention to him

DUI President Ali Ahmeti spoke Sunday at the Cair election assembly about the bombs published by Shekerim Ahmeti – El Cheka. He said they were empty things and urged other political parties to measure their powers with party programs. What El Cheka publishes are just small bubbles, don’t...

Macedonia 05.09.19 | 11:59

Zekiri: Who is telling the truth, Ahmeti or the father of the wounded boy?

SDSM MP and Vice President Muhamed Zekiri asks on Facebook who is telling the truth about the bloody wedding in Mala Recica, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti or the father of the wounded boy. The boy’s father said MP Xhevat Ademi fired and wounded his son. Who is telling the truth, Ali Ahmeti or Yusuf Bilalli,...

Macedonia 04.09.19 | 23:29

Ahmeti: Law on Special Public Prosecution should be respected

The law on the Special Prosecution should be respected until a new one is adopted, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti told the press after a several-hour session of the central presidency in Mala Recica. DUI has a firm position that the Law on Special Prosecution should be respected and acted in accordance with the...