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Macedonia 15.11.23 | 18:10

Grubi believes he won’t be the future prime minister

First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi dismissed any notion of becoming Macedonia’s next Prime Minister, emphasizing DUI leader Ali Ahmeti’s role in proposing the candidate as per the coalition agreement. Grubi expressed confidence in unanimous MP support for the next leader and the caretaker...

Macedonia 30.09.23 | 10:19

Grubi entered into a business partnership with a Bulgarian individual with ties to organized crime, who is currently in custody

VMRO-DPMNE questions whether Artan Grubi facilitated a partnership between Macedonia and a Bulgarian individual involved in criminal proceedings and currently in custody. Additionally, Grubi’s signature authorized the creation of three new gambling companies.

Macedonia 29.09.23 | 10:18

When the government will reveal the document of Artan Grubi about the gambling houses

The government of DUI and SDS cannot escape responsibility for their actions in Macedonia, especially in their dealings with the Bulgarian mafia. In September, they issued three licenses for new online casinos in Macedonia to individuals with a dubious record in Bulgaria. Following the government’s...

News Macedonia 27.09.23 | 09:20

The decision on online casinos has been approved by the Government, with the signature of Artan Grubi

The Albanian opposition strongly opposes the government’s recent decision to establish three new gambling companies. The three leaders, Bilal Kasami, Afrim Gashi, and Izet Majiti, argue that instead of tightening regulations on gambling, the government’s new measures are facilitating online...

Macedonia 23.07.23 | 14:15

Whose vehicle was it: The Government condemns the arson of vehicle used by Vice-PM Grubi

Security is a top priority of any democratic society. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia condemns the act of arsen that targeted the vehicle used by Vice-PM Artan Grubi and considers it as an act of violence unacceptable and inadmissible in a democratic society that strives to achieve European...