First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi dismissed any notion of becoming Macedonia’s next Prime Minister, emphasizing DUI leader Ali Ahmeti’s role in proposing the candidate as per the coalition agreement. Grubi expressed confidence in unanimous MP support for the next leader and the caretaker government in the final 100 days of their mandate.

He also addressed the alignment on holding presidential and parliamentary elections jointly or separately, highlighting ongoing discussions with coalition partners. Grubi emphasized DUI’s readiness for either scenario.

Regarding potential government shifts, Grubi downplayed the likelihood of crisis due to the Alliance for Albanians’ departure. He stressed their collaborative efforts toward EU integration and anticipated cooperation in the upcoming elections based on shared goals.

Responding to oppositional conditions for constitutional amendments, Grubi dismissed these assertions, attributing their rhetoric to echoing VMRO-DPMNE’s stance, suggesting they act as the party’s spokespersons. He clarified DUI’s support for an amnesty law aimed at reducing prison congestion, distinct from Criminal Code amendments or political rumors.