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Macedonia 26.10.21 | 18:14

“SDSM launches fake news ‘Bulgarian passport’ attack against Danela Arsovska”

The ruling SDSM party is launching a vile misinformation campaign against mayoral candidate Danela Arsovska, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party, which supports Arsovska. An SDSM official today held a press conference in which she claimed that Arsovska has obtained a Bulgarian citizenship, and provided...

Macedonia 25.09.21 | 10:15

Before obtaining a Bulgarian passport, Macedonians certify statements declaring their Macedonian nationality

Bulgaria is doing more harm to itself by putting pressure on Macedonia, because the more negative it is towards the Macedonians, the more the Macedonians strengthen their identity in relation to the Bulgarian hidden intentions. Historian Gjorgji Cakarjanevski said in an interview with “Lokalno”...

Macedonia 22.12.20 | 11:09

Business helping Macedonian citizens to obtain Bulgarian passports continues to flourish: 800 euros and 2-3 years of procedure

The social networks are flooded with advertisements and offers for mediation for quick and easy obtaining of Bulgarian citizenship for the Macedonian citizens, but also on the advertising sites, agencies and individuals offer the Macedonian citizens a successful issuance of Bulgarian documents. The “business”...

Life 11.02.19 | 15:42

Holders of Bulgarian passport in the UK without visas until 2021

The rights of Bulgarian citizens in the UK will also be guaranteed even after a hard Brexit. This was assured by the head of the Labor and Social Affairs Office at the Bulgarian Embassy in London Vassil Assenov, Novinite reported. He reminded us that our compatriots, who live on the territory of the...

Balkans 26.12.18 | 15:49

Macedonians were “privileged” in the process of obtaining Bulgarian passports

Over 100 mediators worked with candidates for Bulgarian passports who helped collect documents and registration addresses. Macedonians pay 1,000 euros, Kosovars and up to 5,000 euros for Bulgarian passport, claims BTV witness. The Macedonians were priced “privileged” in the process of obtaining...

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