The rights of Bulgarian citizens in the UK will also be guaranteed even after a hard Brexit. This was assured by the head of the Labor and Social Affairs Office at the Bulgarian Embassy in London Vassil Assenov, Novinite reported.

He reminded us that our compatriots, who live on the territory of the Kingdom on March 29, must apply for a sedentary status through a specially developed application. Starting January 21, the procedure, which is electronic and free of charge, is active for Bulgarians with a biometric passport. Bulgarians who do not have a biometric passport or are only with ID cards will be able to apply after the opening of the scheme to all EU citizens by 30 March this year, Asenov added in an interview for the show “Before All” on the BNT.

“In the absence of a deal, the British government has published its” White Paper “on the country’s future emigration system, which is expected to enter into force in early 2021 and we have indications that by the end of 2020, respectively citizens will still be able to travel with their ID cards or, respectively, passports abroad. After 2021, the expectations are that for short-term trips, those related to tourism, it will not be necessary to get your tourist visas “.

To clarify the rights of Bulgarian citizens after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, the Office for Labor and Social Affairs at the Bulgarian mission in London organizes information days this month. A consulate-general is also to be opened in Edinburgh, Scotland.