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Macedonia Economy 02.01.21 | 21:12

Tax authority warns companies that received stimulus funds but haven’t paid their workers yet

The UJP tax authority called out the companies that have collected stimulus funds but have not paid out the salary to their employees for November, warning them they have a week to do so. UJP director Sanja Lukarevska said that the number of these companies has dropped in the past few days, but that...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 17:28

It’s gonna cost us: Zaev preparing to sell public companies to Bulgaria to have its veto lifted

VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski asked the Government to explain whether it is really preparing to sell public companies to Bulgarian companies, as a way to placate Bulgaria and lift its veto. Bulgarian politicians added the lack of openness for business opportunities in Macedonia as one of the...

Macedonia 31.07.20 | 11:30

Government quietly revises the “name and shame” list of companies who took coronavirus funds but didn’t share them with their workers

After pressure, the Government revised the list of over 700 companies that have collected hundreds of thousands of euros in coronavirus subsidies but did not pay them out ot their workers. The subsidies were meant to be given out to the employees, as a monthly minimum wage, and were given to companies...

Economy 15.04.20 | 14:17

Lukarevska: Companies affected by coronavirus to be exempted from advance tax payments for three months

The companies in catering, tourism and transport sector and other businesses that showed losses in operations due to implementation of coronavirus preventive measures will be exempted from advance payments of personal income tax and profit tax for March, April and May, director of the Public Revenue...

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