VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski asked the Government to explain whether it is really preparing to sell public companies to Bulgarian companies, as a way to placate Bulgaria and lift its veto. Bulgarian politicians added the lack of openness for business opportunities in Macedonia as one of the reasons why they can’t allow the opening of accession talks, and the Zaev regime is preparing for the sale of a long list of potentially profitable public companies.

Is part of this blackmail the direct sale of publicly held shares in companies that will be sold to Bulgarian businessmen? Zaev lied to the public, gambled and lost. We ask whether, on top of the national identity concessions, which were being offered for trades in Berlin, are public companies also on the table?  These may include the share the state holds in the Macedonian Telekom, the TEC Negotino power plant, the Macedonian Post Office, the railways, and other companies, Arsovski said.