In the closing rally of the election campaign in Prilep, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski urged the voters to “renounce apathy and restore hope while we free Macedonia from the clutches of the group of 100 men who hold it captive”.

The Government took Macedonia away from the people. They created a model meant to serve them and not the people. The people feel that we have no system, no country, we have a machine led by DUI and serviced by SDSM, who drowned Macedonia in crime and corruption. They created a smokescreen they call the EU, declare themselves pro-Europeans and haven’t moved us a meter closer to the EU. EU itself is ashamed when it sees Bujar and Artan defending it. They brought shame on us with harmful treaties that damage the national feelings of all Macedonians and treat our country, nation and identity as if we were some kind of a hybrid. As if we have no memory, no monuments and no heroes, a rootless tree, Mickoski said.

This is the last large gathering ahead of the period of electoral silence that will end after the polling stations close on May 8th. VMRO are the heavy favorites to win the elections, after the more than convincing showing in the first round of the presidential elections.
Mickoski expressed gratitude to all who supported the VMRO candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova in the first round and called on other opposition parties to endorse her in the second round, when the crucial general elections also take place. Mickoski asked the voters to ignore the smaller protest parties that are, at this point, just dispersing the opposition vote and would help the ruling parties narrow the margin of their defeat.