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Macedonia 16.04.21 | 21:01

“Zaev’s footsoldiers intimidate voters and buy votes”

Regarding the seizure of 200 kilograms of marijuana from a farm reportedly owned by Zaev’s cousin Trajce Zaev, Mickoski said that the Zaev regime is using drug money to buy votes. The drug shipment was being escorted by Trajce Zaev’s personal driver and the police commissioner of Prilep. We...

Macedonia 16.04.21 | 19:04

“Zaev uses a helicopter to get to Prilep after he blocked construction of an expressway to the city”

Speaking to citizens in Prilep, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski blasted Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for blocking construction on the planned modern expressway to the city. The road, initiated and partially built during the VMRO-DPMNE term in office, was supposed to link Prilep, and by extension...

Macedonia 12.04.21 | 10:40

Police grabbed two heroin dealers from Prilep

Police detained two heroin dealers from Prilep in a raid on the Skopje – Veles highway. The car stopped at a paytoll booth and that is when the police jumped the driver and the passenger. More details about the arrest are expected tomorrow. The smugglers were identified as A.K. (44) and A.T. (30). This...

Macedonia 02.04.21 | 16:55

Zaev’s decision to use a helicopter for a short trip causes outrage

The decision by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce to take a police helicopter for their visit to Prilep caused outrage in the public. Zaev insisted that the Government members were too busy and had to make the best of their time, so they decided to take the helicopter,...

Macedonia Economy 11.03.21 | 14:44

Tobacco farmers blocked the Pletvar pass to protest low prices

Tobacco farmers from Prilep blockaded the Pletvar mountain pass today for two hours, protesting the exceptionally low prices they were given for this year’s harvest. They blame the Government for failing to stop cigarettes companies from undervaluing the crops, and insist that good quality tobacco...

Macedonia 15.02.21 | 16:37

Border police saved six people snowed in in a mountainous village near Prilep

Border police officers saved six young people who were snowed in in the isolated village of Veprcani near Prilep. The group of people aged between 24 and 25 were from Kavadarci and went to the village on Saturday, just as heavy snow began to fall. The group was found in good condition and was evacuated...

Macedonia 08.02.21 | 11:23

Detention ordered after the arrest of four drug dealers in Prilep

The Prilep court ordered 30 days detention for four drug dealers who were arrested yesterday with marijuana, cocaine, heroin and amphetamines. The four men, aged between 31 and 35, were observed for several months. Two of them would procure the drugs and package them in smaller quantities, and afterwards...

Macedonia 06.02.21 | 13:53

Three vehicles and money from drug sales seized in police operation in Prilep

Police arrested six people and seized three vehicles and money for which there is evidence that they come from the sale of drugs, marijuana, cocaine, mobile phones and other items during raids at 16 locations in Prilep, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, Toni Angelovski. He informed that since...

Macedonia 25.01.21 | 12:38

Judo coach from Prilep charged with sexually assaulting his underage students

A 46 year old judo coach from Prilep is charged with sexually abusing underage girls he was training. Local police said that the man is detained and faces criminal charges. The girls who were assaulted were aged 14, and the attacks were carried out from April to November 2020.

Macedonia 17.01.21 | 22:19

Man from Prilep killed in a hunting accident

A 25 year old hunter from Prilep was killed in a tragic accident during a hunt near the village of Vitoliste in Mariovo. A member from the hunting party apparently fired by mistake on his fellow hunter. Emergency teams rushed to the site but found the hunter, identified as Gj.H., deceased. Prosecutors...

Macedonia Economy 22.12.20 | 22:37

Tobacco farmers say they will all join the ranks of people living below the poverty line if current prices remain

Tobacco farmers across Macedonia continue to face exceptionally low prices, with 2.5 EUR offered on average per a kilogram of this year’s harvest. Compared to last year, this is a disastrous price. We are all angry. We can’t support a family on 5,000 EUR per year. Nobody in my family works,...

Macedonia 25.11.20 | 13:47

Prilep mayor urges authorities to quarantine the city, while Ministers Filipce and Spasovski say there’s no need

The Ministers of Health and Interior Venko Filipce and Oliver Spasovski respectively, believe that quarantine is not needed, but the mayor of Prilep, who comes from the ranks of their party, SDSM, demands that the city be quarantined immediately. He told TV24 that he would ask Central Crisis Headquarters...

Macedonia 24.11.20 | 21:38

Patients in Prilep warned that the hospital may run out of oxygen

The Expres news site reports that patients in the Prilep hospital were warned by nurses that this evening there could be a lack of oxygen for the Covid-19 patients. This lack of oxygen bottles, which are necessary to treat Covid-19, already happened in the Stip hospital, reportedly leading to deaths...

Macedonia 29.10.20 | 17:41

Man from Prilep charged with abusing his daughter

A 50 year old man from Prilep is charged with abusing his own daughter. According to the state prosecutors, the torment lasted over three years. The man is charged with neglect, and having sexual acts in front of his daughter.

Macedonia 15.10.20 | 18:02

Elementary school class from Prilep ordered to isolate after the teacher tested positive

Twenty second grade pupils from Prilep are ordered into isolation after their teacher tested positive to the coronavirus. The case was reported in the “St. Clement of Ohrid” school in Prilep. The teacher and the pupils will be isolated for two weeks. Such outbreaks are reported throughout...

Macedonia 15.10.20 | 16:57

Man stabbed to death during a mass fight in Prilep

A person was killed in Prilep during a fight yesterday evening, which had to be broken up with warning shots by the police. The incident occurred in the low income Trizla part of Prilep. The police is still determining the reason for the incident and have said that it involved two groups of men, some...

Macedonia 07.10.20 | 15:18

Sign with “North Macedonia” smashed in Prilep

A day after the signs depicting Macedonian kings as part of the “Hellenic civilization”, placed under the imposed Prespa treaty, were defaced in Skopje and Bitola, somebody smashed a sign using the name “North Macedonia” in Prilep. Signs declaring the Macedonian kings as “belonging...

Macedonia 05.10.20 | 20:31

New sign saying he belongs to the ancient Hellenic history placed in front of the monument of Alexander the Great in Prilep

For the second time, a sign was placed in front of the monument of Alexander the Great in Prilep. According to the Prespa agreement, the authorities placed a new sign in front of the monument of Alexander the Great in Prilep, after the previous one was removed overnight. Unlike the first one, which was...

Macedonia 27.09.20 | 14:06

Charges filed against ten illegal loggers who attacked and injured police officers

Ten of the men who attacked a police patrol on the Veles – Prilep road earlier this week have been detained. Two of the five police officers involved in the incident were seriously injured as they were trying to stop a large group of illegal loggers from stealing firewood. The loggers were stopped...

Macedonia 27.07.20 | 13:09

WW1 artillery grenades found in an orchard in Prilep

A man from Prilep found two unexploded grenades from World War One in his orchard. The man called the police when he found the grenades while tiling the orchard. A sapper was called and he retrieved the two devices. Prilep was part of the brutal Macedonian front in WW1, which saw extensive fighting between...