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Macedonia 02.04.20 | 18:19

Police fines 20 people in Prilep 2.000 EUR each for violating the curfew

Police in Prilep fined 20 citizens with 2.000 EUR each for violating the curfew. They were found walking or driving after 21h, when the overnight curfew goes into effect. Based on the police reports, prosecutors are taking them to court demanding 2.000 EUR each.

Macedonia 02.04.20 | 17:04

Gentherm plant in Prilep stops production after worker tested positive for Covid-19

An employee at the US owned Gentherm car parts plant in Prilep tested positive for the coronavirus. This prompted a temporary cease of operations there and all employees were sent home. Workers told “Republika” that they are yet to be told if they will all be tested for the virus. They are...

Macedonia 25.03.20 | 11:24

Husband and wife in Prilep test positive for the coronavirus

Two coronavirus cases have been registered in Prilep, the town’s Public Health Center has confirmed. The two patients, spouses over the age of 60, have been transferred to the Skopje-based Clinic for Infectious Diseases. They were not out of the country, but their son came back from Kopaonik, Serbia,...

Macedonia 19.03.20 | 10:15

Prilep textile companies will begin producing the much sought after breathing masks

Several textile companies from Prilep announced they will begin producing masks that are in short supply with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Simple disposable masks were used massively over the winter because of the huge air pollution levels, but all reserves were snapped up with the onset of the epidemic...

Macedonia 14.03.20 | 11:07

Prilep restricts the movement of people from Plasnica and other neighboring municipalities

After Debar, the city of Prilep is also introducing measures to restrict the movement of people, after the neighboring municipality of Plasnica had an influx of citizens who work in Italy. There are no confirmed coronavirus cases in Plasnica yet, but the large neighboring city is taking precautionary...

Macedonia 13.03.20 | 11:00

Filipce’s claims not true: Prilep hospital experiencing a shortage of medical masks

A statement demanding to save on medical masks at the Prilep hospital proves that the Ministry of Health is hiding from the public that healthcare personnel throughout the country is experiencing a shortage of medical masks. Director Dragi Bogjeski has said in his statement to healthcare professionals...

Macedonia 28.01.20 | 20:46

Mickoski rallies supporters in Prilep, promises an end to Zaev’s rampant corruption

VMRO-DPMNEPresident Hristijan Mickoski met with supporters in Prilep today as he pledged to put an end to the rampant levels of crime and corruption after the elections on April 12. Our people are revolted by Zoran Zaev’s hybrid regime and Prilep has not been imune to the high levels of corruption,...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 16:40

Jeep set on fire in Prilep overnight

A BMW X-5 jeep, owned by a 27 year old man from Prilep, was set on fire overnight. The man reported the incident, saying it occurred around 2 in the morning. The front end of the vehicle was doused with liquid and burnt. Police is working to investigate the attack.

Macedonia 06.12.19 | 10:39

Disgruntled UBK official fires a bullet in the Prilep police station

A top police official from Prilep, who was head of the local department of the UBK intelligence agency, fired a bullet in the Prilep police station. The man, identified in the police report only as Z.M., who is both a well known local police official and SDSM party activist, was reportedly left out of...

Macedonia 08.11.19 | 11:08

Earthquake felt in Prilep area

A 2.3 magnitude earthquake was felt this morning at 4:39 am in the Prilep area, 65 km south of Skopje. According to the current data, the earthquake was felt by the population of Prilep and the surrounding area with intensity of III degrees according to the European macro-seismic scale.

Macedonia 31.10.19 | 17:08

Another incident in a hospital – employee attacked in Prilep yesterday evening

Another assault against an employee of a public healthcare institution was reported yesterday evening, this time in Prilep. Police informed that 38 year old employee reported the attack perpetrate by a 59 year old man. The police announced it will share additional information as they fully investigate...

Macedonia 23.10.19 | 18:10

Mickoski promises a push to fight corruption, to bring Macedonia on a fast track to the EU, patriotism but not nationalism

Confident in election victory, VMRO-DPNE President Hristijan Mickoski said Wednesday in Prilep that the main challenges come after the formation of the new government. The party held a major conference on the day of the founding of the historical VMRO – in 1893 in Solun. There is a renewal that...

Macedonia 22.10.19 | 21:13

Mickoski to mark Day of Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle in Prilep

An event marking the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle will take place Wednesday at 13 h at the Marko Cepenkov Cultural Center in Prilep. VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski will address the event. According to the party, the “Talks for Renewal of Macedonia” campaign resumes...

Macedonia 24.09.19 | 18:47

Lider: The son of a powerful SDSM member of Parliament sexually assaulted a girl

Ilija Lokvenec, son of powerful SDSM member of Parliament Hari Lokvenec, has reportedly sexually assaulted a young girl. According to the Lider news site, the attack happened two weeks ago, on September 13th, in a club in Prilep, where the Lokvenec family is from. Lider published the testimony given...

Macedonia 19.08.19 | 09:18

There is no other country where the government is fighting crime protection instead of fighting corruption

Tonight I attended an event marking the anniversary of VMRO-DPMNE Prilep Municipal Committee. And Prilep has always fought for freedom most faithfully. Today we live in a time when it is not a problem that the system is malfunctioning, but the main problem is that the system does not exist at all. And...

Macedonia 01.08.19 | 19:25

VMRO demands that charges be brought against two top SDSM officials in Prilep, who were recorded discussing the hiring of party activists

VMRO-DPMNE demands that state prosecutors began an investigation into SDSM party bosses from Prilep Mile Taleski and Transportation Minister Goran Sugareski, who were secretly recorded instructing the newly hired staff at the Prilep hospital to vote SDSM at the 2019 presidential elections. In the recording,...

Macedonia 31.07.19 | 15:49

VMRO-DPMNE: Audio tape shows Minister Sugareski and the Prilep SDSM party chief pressuring public sector employees to vote for Stevo Pendarovski

VMRO-DPMNE presented the recording of a meeting held by SDSM party officials in the Prilep hospital earlier this year, during the presidential election campaign, in which newly hired hospital employees are instructed to vote for the SDSM – DUI candidate Stevo Pendarovski. Prilep SDSM party boss...

Macedonia 16.07.19 | 19:18

Helicopter rescue team saves girl lost in a mountain near Prilep

Search and rescue teams had to use a helicopter to save a 15 year old girl who fell and went missing in the Selecka mountain near Prilep. The girl was reported missing this morning. The helicopter was scrambled because of the poor terrain and the fear that the girl has sustained injuries. Rescuers found...

Sport 14.06.19 | 14:47

Following an incident, Leeds winger Alioski makes amends with the owner of a Prilep restaurant

Winger Ezgjan Alioski met with the owner of a restaurant in Prilep he was kicked out of yesterday and the two made up. Alioski was told to leave, allegedly because he spoke in Albanian. The Leeds winger is born in majority Macedonian Prilep. During their meeting, Alioski gave the restaurant owner a Leeds...

Macedonia 13.06.19 | 21:13

Alioski says he was kicked out of a restaurant in Prilep for speaking in Albanian

Macedonian and Leeds winger Ezgjan Alioski says he was not allowed into a restaurant in Prilep because he was speaking in Albanian with his family. I’m shocked by what happened in Prilep. I play in the Macedonian team, I came from England to be with my team, I was happy about it, and this is what...