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News 06.05.24 | 23:47

From a large rally in Prilep, Mickoski calls on the voters to help free Macedonia

In the closing rally of the election campaign in Prilep, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski urged the voters to “renounce apathy and restore hope while we free Macedonia from the clutches of the group of 100 men who hold it captive”. The Government took Macedonia away from the people. They...

Economy 05.05.24 | 18:12

SDSM officials took a pre-election drive along a road whose construction they delayed for eight years

In a pre-election stunt, Transportation Minister Blagoj Bocvarski and SDSM party official Venko Filipce took a drive along the road connecting Prilep and Drenovo.   The badly needed road was well under construction in 2017, when SDSM grabbed power, and construction has proceeded at glacial pace...

Macedonia 16.04.24 | 20:32

Nikoloski to DUI: You’re not in position to blackmail us

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski announced the main messages of the party from the large rally they held in their traditional stronghold of Prilep yesterday. According to Nikoloski, the voters need to consider the coming elections as historic for the country, and they will “determine...

Macedonia 03.09.23 | 13:48

Mickoski at the Prilep beer festival

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski attended the beer festival in Prilep yesterday. The opposition leader praised the local administration for the great organization of the traditional event.

Macedonia 29.08.23 | 12:53

There are 100 less firstgraders in Prilep than the previous year

The number of enrolled first-grade students in Prilep’s 10 elementary schools has decreased by 100 this year. At the start of the new academic year, Prilep’s five high schools and 10 elementary schools are prepared, apart from the lack of textbooks, which is not their fault. One of the elementary...

Economy 03.08.23 | 15:52

Retirees in Prilep protest, say they are being punished for having low pensions

Retirees from Prilep came out in protest today against the planned model of pension increases. The pensions will go up by average 6.8 percent, but proportionately. Retirees in Prilep on average have lower pensions and will see lower increases then those who already have higher pensions. Is the ministry...

Macedonia 14.07.23 | 16:47

Mickoski says that despite calls from the EU, the VMRO position on the Constitution remains unchanged

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski reiterated today that the party will not support changes to the Constitution under Bulgarian pressure – a day after the Foreign Ministers of Austria, Czechia and Slovakia came to Skopje to issuse this request and warned of isolation if Macedonia does not...

Macedonia 17.06.23 | 15:55

Landslide blocking the road between Veles and Prilep has been cleared

Traffic between Veles and Prilep has been normalized, after the road was blocked due to landslides and flooding yesterday evening. Macedonia was hit by strong rains that caused flooding in several cities and slides that blocked a number of roads, the most important of them being the already badly worn...

Macedonia 17.06.23 | 14:18

Flooding reported across Macedonia, key road between Prilep and Veles cut off

Heavy flooding is being reported from several cities and key roads across Macedonia. The Center for Crisis Management informs that river levels across the country are elevated, and there is threat of further flooding the in Polog Valley, between Tetovo and Gostivar. The Vardar river is high through Skopje...

Macedonia 17.06.23 | 10:49

Prilep and Bitola cut off after rains and landslides near Pletvar

Prilep and Bitola are cut off from the main north – south highway, after heavy rains flooded the road and caused landslides near Pletvar. The road, leading from Veles to Prilep, was declared closed this morning, as crews are trying to remove the debris. Construction of the planned expressway at...

Macedonia 07.06.23 | 08:41

Trajanov: This Government’s agricultural policies don’t correspond with the European ones

This Government’s agricultural policy doesn’t correspond to the European countries’ policies. They all protect their  production and strive to produce more heathy food. It is not the case here, VMRO-DPMNE MP and a professor at the Faculty for Forestry, Zdravko Trajanov, said on Tuesday. Trajanov...

Macedonia 07.06.23 | 08:00

Mickoski: I call for national unity with the uncorrupted politicians

To create a foundation for national unity is more significant than all the differences we have, stated the VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickovski in his speech in the south-western city of Prilep. “If I – after 5 years being subject to brutal negative campaign, lies, and fabrications by the...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 09:24

Torrential rain causes flooding in Prilep

The city of Prilep was hit hard by rain yesterday evening. Houses and shops were flooded as much of the city saw torrents flowing down the streets. At least one fire was reported during the storm. One old house is likely to be demolished after the damage that it endured.

Macedonia 17.04.23 | 11:17

Attempted rape of a minor in Prilep

A 27 year old man from Prilep was arrested yesterday for an attempted rape of a minor. The man is facing charges and will be kept by the police in detention until the allegations are fully investigated.    

Macedonia 01.03.23 | 18:49

Prilep: Police is investigating reported sexual assault on a high school student by a teacher

A female student at the “Orde Copela” high school in Prilep reported a sexual assault from a male teacher. According to the media reports, a school employee made the report on February 14th, that the girl said she was touched by a teacher. Two days later, when testifying to social workers...

Macedonia 21.02.23 | 21:40

Prilep hospital cancels all surgeries after a patient died of sepsis

Operating rooms in the Prilep hospital were closed today after a female patient died of sepsis four days ago, after undergoing a routine surgery. Four patients that were treated there developed sepsis and were sent to Skopje. The 52 year old woman had a simple gynaecological treatment but fell into a...

Macedonia 09.01.23 | 12:48

Mickoski: Prilep is experiencing changes, rehabilitation of the entrance to the city starts

My dear people of Prilep, we have been through an extremely difficult year together. We faced all the shortcomings and carelessness of the previous administration, but also the consequences of the economic and energy crisis as a continuation of the healthcare chaos. However, with dedication, love, understanding...

Macedonia 10.12.22 | 18:22

Nikoloski: Next year there will be no more unpaved streets in Prilep

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski met with Prilep Mayor Borce Jovceski to discuss priorities for the local government. Nikoloski said that the city will have no unpaved streets after 2023, but also warned that the SDSM led Government is obstructing the funding of VMRO led municipalities. Over...

Macedonia 06.11.22 | 18:01

Prilep and Bitola spearhead development projects in the Pelagonija region

The mayors from the Pelagonija region, elected from the VMRO-DPMNE ticket in the landslide local elections in 2021, discussed their work over the past year during the large political event organized by the party in Skopje. Prilep Mayor Borce Jovcevski said that he ensured the completion of the solution...

Macedonia 12.10.22 | 08:14

Mickoski: Construction offensive in Prilep starts in spring – construction of 40 streets, ring road, geological research for multi-storey garage

A construction offensive in Prilep will start in the spring – construction of 40 streets, a ring road, and geological surveys for a multi-storey garage, informed the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, who was visiting Prilep, on the occasion of the October 11 holiday. You will allow me...