The basic public prosecutor’s office of Struga filed two prosecution proposals for criminal offenses – Malpractice in the service of 353 and continued criminal offense – Forgery of documents according to article 378 of the Criminal Code, related to the work of schools in the territory of Struga municipality.

Four people are accused in the first case. The first defendant – a French language teacher in a primary school in Veleshta, used three fake public documents as real ones, which she used to take a professional exam at the State Examination Center. The other three – the mayor of the municipality of Struga, the principal and the assistant principal of the school accepted the forged documents in the procedure for passing the professional exam, employment as a teacher, but also for the appointment of the first suspect as acting. director of the school in the period from 19.04.2022 to 06.09.2023.

In the second case, the mayor of the municipality of Struga is accused of a crime – Malpractice in the service of 353-c, because he made a decision by which he appointed a person who did not meet the conditions, i.e. had no work experience, as the acting director of a primary school in the village of Podgorci experience of at least five years in educational work, as provided for in the Law on Basic Education. Although he did not meet the conditions, the person held the position of director in the period from 11.11.2022 to 25.04.2023.