A man was arrested in downtown Skopje yesterday for verbal comments he made to the chief Constitutional Court judge Dobrila Kacarska.

While Kacarska was sitting in a cafe, the 57 year old man told her “you will be held responsible for what you did, big time”. Kacarska’s security forced the man to a near-by police station, where he faces charges of “endangerment of safety”.

Kacarska is one of the leading pro-SDSM-regime judges who spearheaded the campaign of political persecution of the opposition following the Colored Revolution. She was the judge who handed lengthy prison sentences to protesters and protest organizers over the April 27th incident in the Parliament – a trial that was used to force members of Parliament to vote in favor of the imposed name change. For this, the Zaev regime rewarded her with a seat in the Constitutional Court.

A few days before this verbal incident, Kacarska reported that she found a makeshift bed and a kitchen knife near the underground parking place that she uses. She believes that this is also a threatening move against her.