Jane Cento, one of those convicted in the April 27 case, addressed the public before the election silence. He believes that Macedonia is a target of separatists, and it should be freed. We transmit his address in its entirety:

“Victory is within reach, there is a smell of freedom in the air, even here in prison you can feel the energy brought by VMRO for change.” These are historic days for the Republic of Macedonia when, after 20 years in power, DUI and Ali Ahmeti will finally be sent to the opposition, thus opening the way for Macedonia’s progress, because DUI is the one who is holding back Macedonia in everything…that is ” the cancer” of the Macedonian state from 2001 until today.

We must restore justice, free it from the chains and claws of a few who decided the fates of many injustices inflicted in the past years and individual and collective injustices they did to their people.
Macedonia has been on its knees for 7 years and is begging us to save it… and we should not feel sorry for the mother kidnapped by robbers, BUT RELEASE HER!

We have saved it as a people many times throughout history, and these days are also like that in which I call you all to join the fight and free Macedonia from the executioners and their scoundrels.

I won’t waste words about SDS…they are irrelevant, traitors to their people and everyone knows that.

Macedonia is an emotion and no prisons can close that emotion, because the prison is kinder to the person imprisoned for patriotism than those who committed heinous betrayals against their own people and are free, perhaps physically but mentally there is no bigger prison than theirs.

Brothers and sisters, I invite you on May 8th to come out together and support VMRO-DPMNE and Prof. Dr. Gordana Siljanovska Davkova.

This energy that I feel in prison, I know that you feel it more in freedom, and that energy is that changes are coming and that we will get Macedonia back, and with that we will also get back the institutions in which we will all be equal, regardless of ethnicity.

Macedonia will win thanks to the perseverance, patience and wisdom of the Macedonian people and the leadership of VMRO.
I strongly believe that the future Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski together with his team will IMMEDIATELY start the reforms they promised.

Let the DISOBEDIENCE that we showed in this darkest period in independent Macedonia be a motive to go out and vote for number 2.
Macedonia is alive as long as its Macedonian people are alive…

These days, the MACEDONIAN PEOPLE are the most alive in the last 7 years, and with that comes back the hope that we will succeed as a country.

Long live the Republic of Macedonia 🇲🇰
The sun of freedom will rise,” says Jane Cento.