Kole Spirkovski, Jane Cento’s father, revealed that his son had received an offer to testify falsely in exchange for a lighter sentence.

When he was in detention in Shutka, people from the government came to him in the cell where he was in, and they told him, you will speak as we will tell you and you will be acquitted. When he Jane heard, he said that he did not want such things. He told them, “I do not want to see you anymore, I do not want to blame innocent people,” said his father, adding that the prosecution found false witnesses who slandered the participants, including Jane. He points to footage showing Jane Cento going to the Parliament building later than other participants, but was still convicted of allegedly leading the protesters.

What happened to Jane happened to her great-grandfather. He fought to unite the Macedonian people, to move forward as a state. His gene is like that, he lived with that thing, with those ideals for the good of every citizen of the Republic of Macedonia, Kole Spirkovski told “Alfa”,