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Macedonia 27.05.24 | 18:29

President Siljanovska meets with ambassadors of Ukraine, EU and Switzerland ahead of the peace conference

President Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova met with the ambassadors of Ukraine Larissa Dir, Switzerland – Veronic Ulman and the European Union – David Geer. The focus of the meeting was to prepare for the upcoming Ukraine summit in Switzerland, which begins on June 15th. Siljanovska had...

Macedonia 24.10.23 | 09:22

The UN’s yearly conference, “Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All,” is taking place in Skopje

The UN Annual Conference for 2023, held in celebration of UN Day, is themed “Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All” and is scheduled to occur in Skopje on Tuesday.

Macedonia 17.06.23 | 23:25

VMRO-DPMNE will hold firm in Parliament, will reject the constitutional amendments

Faced with threats from the Government that it will begin pressuring opposition members of Parliament and forcing them to vote for the amendments Bulgaria wants adopted in the Macedonian Constitution, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that this time the members of Parliament will hold firm. The...

Macedonia 17.06.23 | 19:42

LIVE: VMRO-DPMNE marks 33 years since its founding

In honor of the 33rd anniversary of its founding, the VMRO-DPMNE party is holding a large round table in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet in Skopje. Party leader Hristijan Mickoski will address the gathering, as will top part officials, Aleksandar Nikoloski, Vlado Misajlovski, Gjorgjija Sajkovski, Timco...

Macedonia 12.06.21 | 18:32

LIVE: VMRO-DPMNE’s youth organization holds its annual conference in Heraclea

Union of Young Forces (UMS), the youth organization of VMRO-DPMNE, is holding its 30th annual conference this evening. The jubilee takes place at the Heraclea archaeological site in Bitola. Party leader Hristijan Mickoski and the leader of UMS Sergej Popov will address the gathered supporters and activists. The...

Macedonia 02.06.21 | 12:55

LIVE: VMRO-DPMNE conference on the failures of the four years under Zaev

VMRO-DPMNE is holding a live conference on the failures of the past four years, under the Zaev regime. The conference includes speakers from various walks of like – Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska and Trajko Slaveski in the area of economy and finance, Vesna Janevska on education, Borko Ristovski on...

Macedonia 16.10.20 | 15:55

The Center for Security Research held a discussion on European security challenges and threats

The Center for Security Research (CBI) organized an event entitled “Discussion on European Security Challenges and Threats”. The Executive Director of the CBI, Assoc. Dr. Aleksandar Nacev, referred to the asymmetric methods of influence in the election process and Mr. Rabbi V. Sedrak,...