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Macedonia 19.05.24 | 13:48

One dead, one badly injured in an elevator accident in Stip

One person was killed and another badly injured in an elevator accident in Stip. The tragedy happened yesterday afternoon, in a restaurant. Police informed that the two men were injured while working, likely on repairs.

Macedonia 19.10.21 | 14:53

After adding new floors to his house without a permit, Skopje Mayor Silegov also installed an elevator

A new feature in the large mansion that Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov is building is an elevator linking his garage to the four stories of the building, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski. Stoilkovski asked Silegov, who faces a very difficult re-election fight on October 31st, to explain how he...

Macedonia 06.09.19 | 10:23

Elevator crashes two floors in a building in Karpos

An elevator in a new building in Skopje’s Karpos district fell down the elevator shaft with four people on board on Wednesday. Fortunately the elevator fell from the ground floor, and nobody was injured. It crashed two stories down, into the subterranean levels. The building is still not cleared...

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 11:16

Five children rescued from a broken down elevator

Firefighters were called into save five children who got stuck in an elevator in Skopje’s Novo Lisice district. The drama unfolded Thursday late evening. The children called in their parents on the phone, but they were unable to get them out safely. Eventually the firefighters were able to open...