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Sport 28.03.22 | 22:58

The Palermo trip controversy involving top judiciary officials deepens

Top judicial officials who were filmed attending the Macedonia – Italy game in Palermo paid only for their hotel rooms, while the flight and the stadium tickets were provided by the Football Federation, MKD.mk reports. The sight of controversial and politically linked prosecutor Fatime Fetai in...

Macedonia 25.03.22 | 14:56

Anti-Corruption Commission asks the top judicial officials to reveal who paid for their trip to Palermo

The director of the Anti-Corruption Commission Biljana Ivanovska called on Justice Minister Nikola Tupancevski, controversial prosecutor Fatime Fetai and Kavadarci court President Lazar Nanev to explain who paid for their trip to Palermo, the cheer the Macedonian football team. The three were filmed...

Macedonia 22.04.21 | 12:33

Prosecutor Fatime Fetai, one of the faces of the Colored Revolution, denied promotion to the organized crime unit

The Council of public prosecutors voted against appointing Fatime Fetai to the organized crime unit. Fetai was one of the three most recognizable faces of the now completely disgraced Special Prosecutor’s Unit, along with Katica Janeva and Lence Ristovska. The Council decided to appoint Fetai as...

Macedonia 27.11.19 | 13:23

Fatime Fetai complains about being forced to do storage duties and insists that her SPO office was not raided

Fatime Fetai, one of the top deputies to disgraced Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, defended the payment of large bonuses to SPO prosecutors even as the institution is being investigated by its rivals from the OJO service. OJO prosecutors under Vilma Ruskoska raided the SPO yesterday, and seized documents...

Macedonia 16.07.19 | 18:03

One special prosecutor learns the value of the “presumption of innocence” while another will have to make a choice

The most shocking event of the day (so far) was the press conference held in the Special Prosecutor’s Office by Lence Ristoska who, in front of much of the assembled SPO staff, denounced her boss Katica Janeva. Ristoska, Fatime Fetai and Janeva were the public faces of the SPO, to the point that...

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