VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate, and now clearly the next President of Macedonia, Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova, addressed the hundreds of overjoyed supporters gathered in the party office in downtown Skopje. Siljanovska spoke as projections of the election results show that VMRO clearly overwhelmed SDSM in both the presidential and the general elections, by probably the widest margin in history.

My message is to the citizens. Sincerely I was asking myself what did I do to deserve this honor? I was preparing myself, I dedicated myself to the campaign and I said what I thought – not what I was supposed to say. But your reward is invaluable to me. It is an enormous responsibility for me. The voters showed civic immunity to pressure, as they were called on to boycott the elections, as they faced people coming to their homes with prepared lists. Regardless of their ethnic, religious, social status, Macedonian citizens came out in droves, with dignity and stoicism, and gave their votes to their chosen candidate, Siljanovska said.

The distinguished law professor welcomed the historic move to have a woman elected as President.