VMRO-DPMNE official Stefan Andonovski announced a thorough restructuring of the Political System Ministry which, under Artan Grubi, was turned into a de-facto office of a co-Prime Minister representing the interests of the DUI party. According to Andonovski, in future the almost exclusively Albanian staffed Ministry will be in charge of managing relations between the different ethnic groups.

This office will no longer be used for footbgall matches. We have sports centers for that. It was strange to have a Minister in charge of the entire political system of the country. So I think we will transfor this Ministry, Andonovski said.

Grubi was one of the main symbols of the excessive power DUI amassed under the nominally SDSM led Government. Besides constant reports of his personal corruption, he riled the public up by using his office to throw birthday parties for DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, lending the office to Ahmeti for meetings with ambassadors, and for football games with other DUI ministers.