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World 01.03.24 | 13:45

German government increases aid to Gaza by twenty million euros

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there isn’t information on a specific massacre conducted by Hamas or other militant groups in southern Israel on October 7. It’s important to note that my information might be outdated. Regarding the humanitarian aid and the situation in Gaza,...

World 24.01.24 | 19:19

In an ongoing salary dispute, German train drivers go on their longest strike to date

Train drivers affiliated with the German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL) have initiated their longest strike in an ongoing industrial dispute with Deutsche Bahn (DB), the national rail operator. The strike commenced on Tuesday evening in freight transport and was later expanded to include passenger...

World 17.01.24 | 11:20

Severe icy conditions disrupt transportation in Germany and result in the closure of schools in Bavaria

Germany is preparing for substantial snowfall and black ice on Wednesday, particularly in the central and southern regions, leading to anticipated traffic disruptions. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of severe snowfall and icy conditions, with potential impacts on rail and air travel. The risk...

World 07.12.23 | 12:06

For the second time in less than a month, German train drivers are going on strike

Germany’s rail network faces yet another disruption as the fourth strike at Deutsche Bahn this year is set to commence, impacting travelers and commuters. The train drivers’ union GDL has urged its members to initiate the strike starting Thursday evening at 10:00 pm (2100 GMT), with operations...

Macedonia 31.08.23 | 22:18

Vinica: Man arrested for assaulting a German citizen

A 60 year old man from a village near Vinica was arrested on Tuesday evening, suspected of indecently touching a 26 year old German citizen. Delcevo police detained the attacker and are preparing charges.  

Macedonia 05.02.22 | 11:07

Village of German snowed in for four days, villagers are running out of food and medicine

The mountainous village of German, on the border with Serbia, has been cut off from the rest of the world for four days now due to heavy snow. Over 70 centimeters of snow fell on the rugged terrain and at some places, the wind has raised this to 1,5 meters. Macedonia Roads crews have struggled to reach...

Macedonia 17.01.22 | 17:00

German expert report on the Tetovo hospital fire delivered this weekend, but it will take time to have it translated

German experts have submitted their report on the deadly September 8th fire in the Covid hospital in Tetovo. The report was finalized four months after their investigation and was delivered to Macedonia this weekend. State prosecutors say that it will take some time to translate it from German before...

Balkans 25.10.19 | 11:38

New German factory opens in Serbia, average salary to be 1,700 euros

German car parts manufacturer Brose will open a factory in Pancevo, in northern Serbia. What attracts residents of the region to apply for a job at the factory are the high salaries. The average salary will amount to EUR 1.700 which is above the European average. Brose is active in the production of electronic...

Macedonia 02.04.19 | 17:49

German citizen dies from apparent overdose in Skopje

A 30 year old German citizen was found dead in a warehouse in Skopje, where he was using drugs. Police found that the man, identified under the initials of P.M.K., was using methadone together with a 29 year old man. It is believed that the victim overdosed, and there was no evidence of violence on his...