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Macedonia 14.03.22 | 21:01

Ina’s surgery was a success – six years old girl has a new chance at life

Six years old Ina was successfully operated in Turkey from a brain tumor. The whole of the country was rooting for the little girl and many have helped in collecting the money needed for the surgery. Her family shared post-op pictures and announced that the girl is recovering from the surgery.

Macedonia 26.02.21 | 14:38

BESA angry at Zaev over the reduction of funding for Albanian cultural events

The Albanian language INA news agency reports that the BESA party is considering leaving the coalition with SDSM. BESA holds four seats in the Parliament and could sink the coalition if it turned on Zaev. According to INA, the latest reason for tensions in the coalition is caused by the Culture Ministry....

Macedonia 07.08.20 | 22:40

DUI could force Zaev to give up on the position of Prime Minister

It’s possible that Zoran Zaev is not named Prime Minister in the possible future Government his SDSM party is negotiating with DUI, reports the Ina online news site. SDSM and DUI today said that they agreed on the principles under which a future Government would be led, but DUI also demanded that...

Macedonia 19.06.20 | 15:18

The Government paid 14.500 EUR to a group set up by Boki 13’s chief co-defendant

One of the NGO groups who are sharing in the 500.000 EUR awarded by the Government shortly ahead of the elections belongs to Jasna Mandic Ercegovic, who is co-defendant in the Racket 2 trial. Mandic was a key assistant to showman Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, who was sentenced to nine years in prison...

Macedonia 06.07.19 | 21:57

Zaev keeps defending Raskovski, even as second leaked tape adds to allegations of corruption

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev asked for time to review the latest leaked audio recording of his Secretary General Dragi Raskovski, before deciding whether this time he warrants a call for resignation. Zaev famously defended Raskovski from the corruption allegations earlier this week saying that “nobody...

Macedonia 03.07.19 | 20:06

Vasilevska: Raskovski confirmed that he was acting on behalf of Zoran Zaev

Law professor and VMRO-DPMNE official Ivanka Vasilevska dismissed Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s statements about his Secretary General Dragi Raskovski today, during which Zaev defended Raskovski against the allegations of corruption and racism, and said he will not ask Raskovski to resign. Zaev’s...