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Economy 17.03.22 | 16:42

Government fines the KAM supermarket chain after it refused to sell cooking oil

Inspectors fined three stores owned by the KAM chain, where customers were no allowed to purchase cooking oil, even though it was available in the stores. KAM decided to offer cooking oil for free, but only to customers who would purchase 800 denars worth of other products. Other paying customers were...

Economy 14.01.22 | 12:53

15 companies fined for opening their stores on Sunday

Labour inspectors issued the first 15 fines to companies who did not respect the new law mandating that most stores are closed on Sundays. Of the nearly 50 stores that were inspected this weekend, 15 were fined, including one where an unregistered worker was found.

Macedonia 26.11.21 | 13:05

Emergency inspection not possible after company closed its offices

The State Transport Inspectorate yesterday couldn’t carry out an emergency inspection, despite making attempts, of the Besa Trans company, whose bus caught fire in Bulgaria killing 45 passengers. The company’s offices were closed and no one was answering the phone, its director Rufat Huseini told...

Macedonia 05.01.21 | 18:19

Corona inspectors want to ban Badnik fire gatherings, but remain evasive about Ahmeti’s maskless party

Inspectors warned citizens not to gather in large groups this evening, when Badnik or Kolede fires are traditionally set alight in anticipation of Christmas. Traditionally, every neighborhood sets a large fire where people gather, drink fortified wine and raki and sing. Inspector Magdalena Graskovska...

Macedonia 08.10.20 | 10:53

More inspections and greater fines planned for coronavirus violations

Inspectors would receive greatly expanded authority to fine companies that violate coronavirus restrictions, if the amendments to the law on protection from communicable diseases are adopted in Parliament. The proposal comes after several packed concerts in clubs in Skopje prompted a new round of restrictions...

Macedonia 21.07.20 | 17:45

Illegal build in the center of Skopje tests the power of the city

Workers are pouring concrete on the second floor of the new building that is rising on top of the recently burnt cafe in front of the Mavrovka shopping center in downtown Skopje. The unlicensed build is replacing what was a light temporary construction built over what was originally supposed to be an...

Macedonia 24.02.19 | 11:22

Zaev’s Government orders the creation of an inspection service which will go after public sector officials who don’t speak Albanian

Transcripts from a meeting of the Macedonian Government held earlier this week reveal that, as part of the implementation of the Albanian language law, an inspection will be formed which will determine whether Government employees and institutions are using the language in official capacity. The controversial...