The State Transport Inspectorate yesterday couldn’t carry out an emergency inspection, despite making attempts, of the Besa Trans company, whose bus caught fire in Bulgaria killing 45 passengers. The company’s offices were closed and no one was answering the phone, its director Rufat Huseini told MIA.

Yesterday we went to the premises of “Besa Trans”, in the headquarters, but they were closed, no one answered the official phones. From there we headed to the headquarters of the two agencies they have in Skopje, which were also closed and no one was there. We know that there is an agency in Tetovo, but our inspector informed us from there that it was also closed. We could not carry out an emergency inspection, Huseini said.

No one, he added, picks up the phone, not even the owner of “Besa Trans”, nor anyone in the offices. “Now we will submit a written note and make an appointment so that he can meet us and open the office. If he does not receive the note, then it will be send through the Ministry of Interior,” announced Huseini.