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World 06.04.24 | 13:07

Kiev asks Trump for help, saying he should adopt Ronald Reagan’s strategy

During the preparations for the Russian forces’ impending major offensive in May or June, Andriy Yermak, the first member of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s cabinet, warned American Republicans and their presidential candidate, Donald Trump, to keep in mind that they were the party...

World 09.03.22 | 10:12

Explosions rock the Ukrainian capital

BBC reports that the Ukrainian capital of Kiev is rocked by explosions this morning. Air raid sirens could be heard from six in the morning. The city remains surrounded by Russian forces from three sides.

World 28.02.22 | 22:11

Large Russian convoy is advancing on Kiev

Satellite images show that a large convoy of the Russian armed forces is approaching the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The convoy is 27 kilometers long and it includes tanks, armored transports, towed artillery and logistics. Russia failed in its attempt for a lighting seizure of the main air base north-west...

Macedonia 25.02.22 | 13:46

Macedonian diplomats are trapped in Kiev

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said that the Macedonian diplomatic mission remains, made of an Ambassador, a diplomat and two Macedonian citizens, remains in Kiev, in hiding from the air raids. They spend most of their day in the shelter. They could not go to their homes and sleep in the Embassy. We are...

Macedonia 24.02.22 | 13:55

Macedonia’s Ambassador in Kiev, Krum Efremov: Macedonian citizens are safe

Macedonia’s Ambassador in Kiev – Krum Efremov, told TV24 that now the Macedonian citizens are safe, and since this morning they have received new calls to leave the country. The situation in Ukraine is closely monitored.

Macedonia 24.02.22 | 13:51

Two families sought help at the Macedonian Embassy in Ukraine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani informed that the situation in Ukraine is being monitored and that our Embassy is in contact with the Macedonian citizens who are in the country, in order to help them leave. We monitor the situation in terms of our citizens who are there. So far we have had...

Economy 01.12.20 | 11:23

Direct line between Skopje and Kiev

Windrose is initiating a direct flight between Skopje and Kiev. The flights will be on Thursdays and Sundays. This is the first time Macedonia and Ukraine had a direct flight between their capitals.