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Balkans 28.01.19 | 11:11

Clashes erupt in Greece amid protests over Prespa deal

A protest against the Prespes Agreement in the Greek city of Thessaloniki resulted in chaos on Sunday, with clashes between demonstrators and police taking place outside Thessaloniki Concert Hall. Protesters confronted the police forces and blockaded roads, halting drivers and yelling “traitors”....

Balkans 25.01.19 | 12:32

Kammenos urges MPs to vote down ‘crime,’ reacts to Zaev-Soros photo

Panos Kammenos, the former Greek defense minister who quit the government coalition over his objection to Greece’s name deal with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), on Thursday urged lawmakers to vote down the so-called Prespes deal which he described as a “crime,” Kathimerini writes. “I...

Balkans 25.01.19 | 11:17

Greek parliament to vote on name change deal with Macedonia

The Greek parliament is expected to vote January 25 on a historic agreement to normalize relations with neighboring Macedonia, RFE/RL reports. As the Greek parliament debated the deal on January 24, demonstrators gathered outside to protest, some of them chanting “traitors.” Police fired tear gas...

Balkans 25.01.19 | 10:17

Tsipras: Ratifying Prespa deal a ‘historic step’

The ratification of the Prespes deal would be a “historic step,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in Parliament Thursday, adding that the long-standing dispute had deprived Greece of precious diplomatic capital, Kathimerini reported. Inertia, cowardice and procrastination resulted in more than...

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