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Macedonia 10.02.21 | 12:53

Mayor Silegov plans to rearrange Skopje’s most popular quay and restaurant area

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov announced a move to greatly redesign the popular GTC quay along the Vardar river, in order to turn part of it into a road. Owners of the long line of restaurants and cafes will be required to remove the open air garden sections in the middle of the quay, and in terms of compensation,...

Macedonia 15.01.21 | 15:21

Mayor Silegov plans to tear down some of the most popular open air restaurants in Skopje

The City of Skopje confirmed plans to remove the long line of terraces on the Macedonia Quay, along the Vardar river. The site is one of the best loved promenades in the city, with numerous restaurants and bars, but will be replaced with a street, the city said. The plans go back to the construction...

Balkans 31.03.20 | 10:10

Solun quay closed as part of the anti-viral measures

City authorities in Solun (Thessaloniki) are closing the popular walkway along the quay for pedestrians for the weekends and imposing a 14h-8h curfew during workdays. The move is meant to reduce traffic and the danger the coronavirus spreads in the city.

Macedonia 28.03.19 | 11:53

Two people attacked by dogs in one of Skopje’s busiest pedestrian areas

Two people reported being attacked by stray dogs on the main Vardar river quay in Skopje, which is a busy and popular pedestrian area. Both attacks happened on Wednesday morning. The victims were a 55 year old woman and a 69 year old man, who were both bit on their legs. The capital has a stubborn problem...

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