Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov announced a move to greatly redesign the popular GTC quay along the Vardar river, in order to turn part of it into a road.

Owners of the long line of restaurants and cafes will be required to remove the open air garden sections in the middle of the quay, and in terms of compensation, they will be allowed to extend their facilities two meters from the GTC shopping mall.

This will leave the middle and the end sections of the quay open for what is expected a reconstructed walkway, but also will likely be turned into a road. The issue stems from the construction permit for the building now housing the Macedonian Telekom company on the main town square. The developer was supposed to build an subterranean street linking the building but was unable to do so because of the extensive underground waters along the river. Currently a small number of cars are allowed to drive down the quay to the building every day, competing with pedestrians and people visiting the restaurants.