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Macedonia 25.11.19 | 15:55

“You have no history” and “Ethnic Albania” – not only the rampage, but also the chanting of “Shverceri” is controversial

“You Have No History” and “Ethnic Albania” are just some of the chants heard at the Macedonian National Theater, where the “Shverceri” (smugglers) football group” celebrated with displaying nationalist banners and Albanian flags. So far, as usual, responsibility...

Macedonia 25.11.19 | 15:24

Ademi: If there was no hate speech, we can celebrate as we wish

Commenting on the behavior of the “Shverceri” football group, which damaged the inventory of the Macedonian National Theater on Friday, Minister of Education and Science Arbr Ademi said that anniversaries can be celebrated as one wishes as long as there is no hate speech. We can celebrate...

Macedonia 25.11.19 | 12:14

“Shverceri” celebration coordinator Grubi: Congratulations friends

Congratulations friends, I’m glad we survived three decades in so much trouble. This is how MP Artan Grubi congratulated the “Shverceri” football group on their 30th anniversary. The DUI MP is actually the co-ordinator of the celebration, which from an awarding ceremony turned into...

Macedonia 25.11.19 | 10:18

Nikoloski calls for resignations over the “Shverceri” scandal: That’s the difference – someone builds, someone destroys!

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, like much of the public, is appalled by the video of Friday’s “celebration” of the Shverceri football group in the Macedonian National Theater and called for the resignation of the director of the Macedonian National Theater, the Minister of Culture...

Macedonia 25.11.19 | 09:42

Who allowed the rampage in MNT: Director Ugrinovska and Minister Ismaili must immediately take responsibility!

The director of the Macedonian National Theater and the Minister of Culture, should and must immediately be held accountable for the scandal that happened on Friday night. Simona Ugrinovska and Husni Ismaili should bear responsibility for the rampage in the prestigious Macedonian National theater,...

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