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Macedonia Sport 18.05.21 | 13:51

Albanian nationalist fans loudly celebrate Shkendija’s title in Tetovo

The Shkendija football club fans staged a major celebration in Tetovo yesterday after their team won the league title. Shkendija is supported by the nationalist Albanian Ballisti group, which styles itself after the World War Two Nazi aligned Albanian movement. The victory was hijacked by the DUI...

Macedonia Sport 16.05.21 | 21:29

Albanian nationalist celebration in Tetovo as Shkendija won the Macedonian league

The leadership of the DUI party led a celebration today which was heavily tinged with Albanian nationalism, after the Shkendija club officially won the Macedonian first league title. Albanian pride was especially boosted as Vardar, the historic Skopje based club that is seen as nexus of Macedonian pride,...

Sport 18.02.19 | 10:24

New football low: Vardar denied clear goal against Shkendija

Sergei Samsonenko announced that he will withdraw from Macedonian sports after the scandalous decision on Sunday when the referee dismissed a clear goal for his Vardar team against Shkendija. The two bitter rivals for the championship were playing on Shkendija’s turf, in Tetovo, and the home team...

Macedonia 25.12.18 | 22:47

Culture Ministry financed video produced by nationalist Albanian football team supporters

Balisti, the frequently violent and nationalist group supporting the Shkendija Tetovo football club, has apparently received funding from the Culture Ministry for its activities. The group posted a video explaining how Balisti, the fan club named after the World War Two nationalist Albanian movement...

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