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SDSM with no complaints to SEC

12 complaints have been submitted to the State Election Commission (SEC) over the voting process at the double elections held on Sunday. SEC has received complaints by DUI, GROM and DPA. DUI submitted two complaints, GROM four and DPA six,...

All 932,987 ballots processed – Ivanov wins 55.28% of the votes

SEC has processed all ballot papers for the presidential election runoff. The total number of voters registered in the Electoral Roll is 1,779,572. The total number of polling stations is 3,512. Number/Percent of polling stations that submitted...

DUI submits two complaints to SEC

Political parties are to submit complaints to the State Election Commission (SEC) over the double elections held on Sunday, April 27 by Tuesday (April 29) at 7 p.m. According to the law, complaints are to be submitted within 48 hours after...

Preliminary SEC results: VMRO-DPMNE wins 61 MPs, SDSM – 34

VMRO-DPMNE won 61 MP seats, followed by SDSM with 34, DUI-19, DPA-7, GROM-1 and NDP-1. In the race for Macedonia’s president VMRO-DPMNE candidate Gjorge Ivanov won 534.699 votes, while his SDSM rival Stevo Pendarovski – 398.050,...

SEC (99,91%): Simulation of mandates in the new parliament

After 99,91% of the votes have been processed, SEC has made a simulation of MP mandates in the new parliament.

SEC (86,65%): VMRO-DPMNE wins 170.368 votes more than SDSM

According to the 66,65% processed votes, VMRO-DPMNE has won 396.000 votes, while SDSM has won 225.845 votes. Party Votes Percentage** 1. SDSM 225.845 24,65% 2. DPA 55.290 6,03% 3. DM 7.520 0,82% 4. DUI 128.489 14,02% 5. VMRO-DPMNE 396.213 43,24% 6. NDP 13.175 1,44% 7. NDM 1.665 0,18% 8. GROM 25.899 2,83% 9. KPM 8.462 0,92% 10. VMRO...

SEC (82,98%): VMRO-DPMNE 374.953, SDSM 212.515

After 82,98% of the votes have been processed, SEC has published the following results:

SEC (82.89 %) Ivanov leads with 118,000 votes ahead of Pendarovski

По обработени 82,89 отсто од гласовите, според ДИК, убедливо води Ѓорге Иванов. За претседателските избори излезноста е 53,61 процент, односно...
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MOST: VMRO-DPMNE to win 63 MP seats

Citizens’ association MOST had 1.712 observers at Sunday’s elections who covered 50% of the polling stations in every municipality in Macedonia. Based on PVT (Parallel Vote Tabulation) programme, turnout for presidential elections...

Substantial lead of Ivanov

After the processed 69.53% of the polling stations, State Election Commission announced that the presidential candidate Gjorge Ivanov has won 322,881 votes, or 96,524 votes more than his opponent Stevo Pendarovski. Gjorge Ivanov 55 MPs Votes 322,881 | 56.55%** Stevo...