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Jakimovski: 24 political parties teamed up to defend Macedonia

Let’s show to all these lies, to all these colorful destabilisers that on December 11 the citizens of Macedonia will vote for their leadership, their government and that this country will not be run by ambassadors, GROM leader Stevce...

Јakimovski: Spies in prison – new SDSM leadership!

Stevce Jakimovski, mayor of Karposh Municipality and GROM leader, who, for obvious reasons, left the sinking ship on time, recommends that spies should end up in jail, while SDSM should get new leadership. At one of the opposition’s...

Jakimovski: If SDSM wants election debacle, let them clear up with Crvenkovski

  He won the local elections in Karposh as candidate of … after which he formed his own party, GROM. After a quarrel with the leader at the time, Branko Crvenkovski, the partnership between Stevce Jakimovski and SDSM has come to an...

Stevce Jakimovski: I am Prime Minister of Karposh Municipality

I am Prime Minister of Karposh Municipality- stated Wednesday leader of GROM Stevce Jakimovski. On a tribune in Bitola he stressed that GROM was not formed in order to gain authority, because he already had authority in Karposh Municipality. “I...