Monday, 15 April 2019
Macedonia 23:29

Market Vision poll: Gordana Siljanovska Davkova and VMRO-DPMNE in the lead

Macedonia is moving in the wrong direction, shows the latest poll of Market Vision, conducted at the request of Pressing TV. One week before the first round of the presidential election, the results of the poll show that 18.6% of the respondents would vote for the VMRO-DPMNE and the “For Better...

Macedonia 22:28

Pendarovski: I am pleased, my rating is higher than the rating of SDSM and the coalition

SDSM and DUI presidential candidate, Stevo Pendarovski said on TV Telma show that he was satisfied with the latest polls. I am satisfied with the figures in the polls. I have a solid number of voters both Macedonians and Albanians. My rating at the moment is higher than the party rating of SDSM and is...

Macedonia 22:16

Blerim Reka: Turnout is important, no matter who wins

People are free, sovereign, the voting is secret and turnout is important, presidential candidate Blerim Reka said Monday at a rally in Bitola, and called for massive voting on April 21. It is important the country to win, to get a date for starting negotiations with the EU. It is important citizens...

Macedonia 22:07

When you do not have opposition, but fans around you, you will sink into nonsense

At the rally in Gevgelija, presidential candidate backed by the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition, Gordana Siljanovska Dakova, spoke of the importance of not concentrating all the government in the hands of several individuals who, without opposition. When you are not hindered, when you have no brakes from the...

Macedonia 21:37

In the election we will be joined by those who intend to boycott

I think that people who have dilemmas after what happened in the referendum, whether this government is capable and whether it wants to organize fair and democratic elections, I refer to those who intend to boycott, I think that they too will join us because they will understand that only from within,...

Macedonia 20:44

LIVE: VMRO-DPMNE and Gordana Siljanovska Davkova rally in Gevgelija

VMRO-DPMNE is holding Monday a rally in Valandovo, starting at 20:30 h. Party leader Hristijan Mickoski and presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova will address the people. You can follow the rally live on the link below:

World 20:35

Roof collapses at Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral as massive fire rages

The roof of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral collapsed Monday as a massive fire ripped through the structure, CNBC reported. The city’s mayor and firefighters warned people to stay away from the area. There have been no confirmed deaths, according to Paris police, while a French government official said...

Macedonia 20:29

With a responsible government, the president can be the perfect team

Presidential candidate supported by VMRO-DPMNE Gordana Siljanovska Davkova said in Vlandovo said that if with the help of the Valandovo people she becomes president, she will address the Parliament more often, and will use the veto as someone who has sworn to respect the Constitution and the laws, because...

Macedonia 19:33

Siljanovska: EU and NATO will not consequently bring democracy and economic development

They seem to have forgotten the national anthem. Instead of law and justice, they speak only about politics and that we have no other way out and that this has to be done in order to join the EU and NATO. However, the EU and NATO, even to start negotiations, even to join them, will consequently not...

Macedonia 18:32

LIVE: VMRO-DPMNE rally in Valandovo

VMRO-DPMNE is holding Monday a rally in Valandovo, starting at 18:30 h. Party leader Hristijan Mickoski and presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova will address the people. You can follow the rally live on the link below:

Macedonia 18:24

Bitola will recognize that Gordana offers a concept that Macedonia needs

We hope that in Bitola we will have a win again and that we will have great success, we hope that Bitola will recognize that Gordana offers a concept of justice to Macedonia which is needed both internally and externally. VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said in Bitola. In Bitola there...

Macedonia 17:17

What will the new law on public servants include

The upcoming amendments to the laws on public sector employees and administrative servants should include the procedures for employment and promotion of administrative servants, as well as the section on protection of employees’ rights, said Monday the director of the Administration Agency Spase...

World 16:30

Ecuador president claims Assange used embassy as ‘centre for spying’

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno has accused WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of using the country’s London embassy as a “centre for spying” while he was given refuge there for seven years. Moreno said Ecuador terminated Assange’s asylum because he repeatedly violated international conventions,...

Macedonia 15:39

Mickoski calls on the boycott activists to help him bring down the Zaev regime

In a video address, opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski called on the boycott activists to reconsider and to support the VMRO-DPMNE endorsed candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova. I say to those who support a boycott, but still carry the idea of Macedonia in their hearts. We remain brothers...

Macedonia 15:23

Minister Mancevski wants to write his would-be EU advisers a blank cheque

After bemoaning the lack of qualified personnel able to engage the European Union when (if?) accession talks begin, Minister Damjan Mancevski announced that private companies will be hired to provide advice and support. This will open the door for a major nepotism cycle, with the SDSM led Government...

News 15:08

How about never? SDSM unable to put a firm completion date on major construction projects

After listing 10 major infrastructure and public work projects initiated and nearly completed by VMRO-DPMNE, which the Zaev Government is refusing to complete or use, we also present a dozen of facilities which are being built, but under with an impossibly long completion horizon. The main issue with...

Macedonia 14:20

No progress made in talks over the new law on public prosecutors

The ruling SDSM and DUI parties failed to make progress in their talks with the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party on the proposed changes to the law on state prosecutors. Over the weekend, VMRO sent additional proposals to the Justice Ministry, but the Ministry briefed the state run Media Information Agency...

Macedonia 14:13

Son of the SDSM appointed Mayor of Radovis beat up a disabled opposition activist

A disabled man from Radovis was allegedly beaten by the son of local Mayor Gerasim Konzulov. According to the Infomax news site, the victim is Zdravko Stoilov, a man with a physical disability. Stoilov was a supporter of the ruling SDSM party and its “Colored Revolution” protests, but recently...

Sport 13:02

Macedonia draws with Iceland in handball championship qualifier

Macedonia was tied with Iceland during the European handball championship qualifier on Sunday in Skopje. The game was marred by reports that security at the sports hall where the match was played prevented supporters from entering with the Kutles/Vergina star flag, which is being banned under the Prespa...

Macedonia 12:54

One guard injured during armed bank robbery in Cair

During the brazen armed robbery of an NLB bank branch in Cair, one of the bank guards was injured. The attack happened around 10:30, and eyewitnesses say that they heard gunshots during the attack. Police sources told Republika that the injured 26 year old guard was not hurt by the firearms carried by...