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Macedonia 08.04.22 | 12:24

Belarus added Macedonia on its list of hostile countries

After Russia, Belarus also added Macedonia on its list of hostile countries, after Macedonia joined in teh sanctions on Belarus. The list includes the EU member states and countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada. The designation will include economic restrictions on Macedonian citizens and companies.

World 28.02.22 | 10:01

Ukraine and Russia to hold talks in Belarus

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has informed that everything is ready in Belarus for the country to host peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. In Belarus, everything is ready to host Russia-Ukraine negotiations. Waiting for delegations to arrive, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter, posting...

Macedonia 06.07.21 | 22:53

Macedonia joins the EU in introducing targeted sanctions against Belarus

Macedonia joined the EU member states in introducing sanctions against Belarus. EU candidate countries and members of the EFTA, such as Montenegro, Albania, Iceland…, aligned their positions with the EU on Belarus. Serbia is the one exception. The sanctions target 78 citizens of Belarus and seven...

Macedonia 15.01.21 | 22:13

Macedonia joins sanctions against Belarus

Five European countries have joined EU’s sanctions against Belarus, including Macedonia. Candidate countries: Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania, as well as Iceland and Norway, which are part of the European Economic Area, join this decision of the Council (for sanctions), reads the statement the...

World 18.08.20 | 09:39

V4: EU member states call for common position on Belarus

Members of the European Council are to hold a video conference to discuss the elections in Belarus. Last week, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on EU leaders, stressing the need for joint action and stating that “we must show solidarity and support Belarusians in their pursuit of freedom.”...

World 06.06.20 | 12:02

Orban in first visit to Belarus

Viktor Orban paid a visit to Belaraus, a first for a Hungarian Prime Minister since the independence. From Minsk, Orban called for the lifting of the EU sanctions on Belarus and for expansion of trade and other ties. We can’t build partnership with sanctions, Orban said during a joint press conference...

Sport 17.09.19 | 10:22

Macedonia beats Belarus at the European volleyball championship

Macedonia scored its first win at the European volleyball championship in Slovenia. Macedonia played Belarus, and after losing the first set 23-25, was able to turn the game around and win 3-1. Captain Nikola Georgiev was the best player in the winning team, with 35 points. Бисер Балкански...

Macedonia 26.07.19 | 23:15

After Milososki raised the issue, Belarus denies that a Macedonian businessman sought its protection from racketeering attempts

The Embassy of Belarus in Belgrade denied the reports that a businessman from Bitola appealed to it for help after he was being blackmailed by an official of the ruling SDSM party to pay bribes. The allegation, which paired well with the daily reports of high profile blackmail of businessmen by officials...

Macedonia 25.07.19 | 17:42

A businessman from Bitola reportedly asked the Ambassador of Belarus to help protect him from blackmail

The Katica Janeva corruption scandal quickly went international, given how prominent was the support this now disgraced Special Prosecutor used to receive from Western diplomats. But, it was also alleged and quickly denied that her main reported target, businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, turned to Bulgaria...