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Macedonia 22.01.20 | 13:20

Kick the can down the road – Deskoska says that the Venice Commission objections will be examined after the elections

Justice Minister Renata Deskoska today said that the serious objections which the Venice Commission raised on the law that introduces full bilingualism in Macedonia will be examined only after the elections. The law on the use of the Albanian language, adopted as part of the coalition agreement Zoran...

Macedonia 03.01.20 | 18:39

Together we achieved bilingualism, implemented the declaration of the Albanians

We have a legal obligation to implement the interim government. Citizens know that the moment has come after the meeting of the Council of the EU and this is the message for any future government, and no government can step back from the Ohrid and Prespa agreements, and the  agreement with Bulgaria,...

Macedonia 02.01.20 | 11:57

Professor Karakamiseva shares her challenge to the Albanian language law with the diplomatic corps and the Venice Commission

Law professor Tanja Karakamiseva, who is the Macedonian representative in the Venice Commission, published the English language version of her initiative to re-examine the Law on the use of Languages. The Venice Commission already found that the law has serious violations and is inapplicable. But the...

Macedonia 10.12.19 | 15:31

Mickoski calls on Zaev to accept the changes VMRO is proposing to the law on languages

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski called on the outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to accept the findings of the Venice Commission, which identified serious defects in the bilingualism law, which Zaev is using to turn Macedonia into a fully bilingual state, with the Macedonian and Albanian languages...

Macedonia 08.12.19 | 15:29

The Venice Commission caused a rift in Zaev’s coalition with DUI

The opinion of the Venice Commission, which found serious issues with the law making Macedonia a bilingual country with both the Macedonian and the Albanian language as official, caused a rift in the SDSM – DUI coalition. Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani from DUI, who unsuccessfully defended...

Macedonia 07.02.19 | 00:05

Agency that will oversee the implementation of bilingualism to be established

Government spokesman Muamet Hoxha said at Wednesday’s press conference that appointing a director of the Agency for the implementation of the Law on Languages was discussed at Tuesday’s government session and that it was concluded that the director should be chosen via public call. “The...

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