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Macedonia 16.12.21 | 11:08

“Debt billboards” put up across Tetovo

Newly elected Tetovo Mayor Bilal Kasami put up billboards with the total sum that the city was in debt when he was elected. Kasami blames his predecessor Teuta Arifi for grossly mismanaging the city, leaving him with over 24 million EUR in debt. The sum will also be displayed on a monitor on the main...

Macedonia 08.10.21 | 13:46

Mayor Temelkovski chopped down a tree because it was obscuring his billboard

Municipal workers in Skopje’s Kisela Voda district decimated a tree today because it was obstructing the view of a pre-election billboard for Mayor Filip Temelkovski. A video was shared online in which a passer-by asks the workers why are they cutting the tree, and they respond – so that...

Macedonia 03.10.21 | 22:20

Mickoski: Silegov uses Skopje 2014 for North Korean style billboards

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov began to appreciate the “baroque” style of the Skopje 2014 project, now that he is using its building to place his North Korean style billboards, observer VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski during the rally in Karpos this evening. Silegov placed a huge billboard with...

Macedonia 04.03.20 | 15:13

VMRO-DPMNE billboard set on fire: Let those who did this remember Janeva heavily disguised and with handcuffs

After a few days ago, one billboard was painted with blue color and another one was set on fire, which featured a moment of special investigative measures, showing Zoran Zaev demanding 200,000 euros bribe, which sparked panic among the ruling party. Truth not in SDSM favor: Party members paint billboards...

Music 15.05.19 | 16:35

Billboard: This is why Macedonia could win Eurovision 2019

Billboard thinks 12 entries have the best chance to proclaim victory at the Eurovision Song Contest final on Saturday. Their list also includes Macedonia’s entry “Proud”. In addition to our country on this list, the Czech Republic, France, Malta, Australia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Norway,...

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