The Macedonian streaming platform Cinesquare introduces a new exciting experience for the youngest users – Kidsquare for children aged 6 to 12 years. Starting today, more films for the youngest audience, some dubbed in Macedonian and Albanian, will be available on the platform with appropriate games and quizzes adapted for the youngest users. Kidsquare uses gamification to make the platform experience more active, such as playing games or answering quizzes related to movies to collect points that users can later reuse.

The service will be available to Cinesquare users with a monthly subscription, without the need for additional software installation and customization. Users will be able to watch the German film “Smrdushkovci – welcome to Smurfville” dubbed in Macedonian and Albanian, the Dutch “Summer with Wound” and “Wooden Antics”, the Finnish “Sihya – the rebel fairy” and many others.

The launch of Kidsquare marks a significant moment in the European Video on Demand scene. Kidsquare is the starting point for establishing a pan-European alliance dedicated to the promotion of audiovisual works for children. This project is a collaboration between the domestic company Kataway as the project leader, the Polish Nove Horizonti and the Italian Nexo Digital as partners, co-financed through the program of MEDIA – Creative Europe. The Kidsquare service is currently available in the country, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Italy and Poland through Cinesquare, Nowe Horyzonty and Nexo+ platforms.