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Macedonia Economy 05.01.21 | 17:33

Mickoski: Macedonia is moving deeper into deficits and recession

Zoran Zaev claims that the Macedonian economy is alive and kicking, but in reality the country is moving deeper into recession, said opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski in a social media comment. True, the entire world is suffering the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic, but Macedonia is suffering...

Macedonia Economy 05.10.20 | 14:43

Budget amendments will leave the 2020 deficit just below billion EUR

The Government adopted the proposed changes to the 2020 budget, which is being amended for a second time, with the deficit projected to spike to nearly a billion EUR. It now provides that the GDP contraction will amount to 4.4 percent and the inflation rate will be at 1 percent, said Finance Minister...

Economy 28.04.20 | 15:58

Mickoski: Macedonia was heading for a budget crisis even without the pandemic

Even without the epidemic, Macedonia was heading for an economic crisis, with the budget deficit for the first quarter of 2020 twice larger than what it normally is, said opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski. Mickoski pointed to the fact that deficit spending for Q1 is at 120 million EUR, while in a...

Economy 09.04.20 | 17:08

Macedonia will try to loan 800 million EUR in July

The Macedonian Government plans to issue an 10 year bond worth 800 million EUR in July. This will be the main mechanism to fund the expected deficit for 2020, caused by the coronavirus linked economic crisis. The Government is also seeking 176 million EUR in loans from the IMF and 80 million from the...

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