The business was not consulted about the government’s decision that private companies will not operate tomorrow, April 24th, and on May 8th during the presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to the Union of Chambers of Commerce (SSK), the fact that Wednesday is a non-working day has a negative impact on the other four days of the week. On April 9th of this year, the Government decided to declare April 24th and May 8th as non-working days due to the presidential and parliamentary elections. Simultaneously, they recommended to employers in the private sector in the country to implement this decision so that every citizen can exercise their right to vote.

Today, the State Market Inspectorate (DPI) reminded that the days of the presidential elections, April 24, 2024 (Wednesday), and the parliamentary elections, May 8, 2024 (Wednesday), are non-working days for all citizens, noting that employers on those days should not carry out any activity, except for those where work processes cannot be interrupted due to their nature.