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Macedonia 02.04.20 | 18:19

Police fines 20 people in Prilep 2.000 EUR each for violating the curfew

Police in Prilep fined 20 citizens with 2.000 EUR each for violating the curfew. They were found walking or driving after 21h, when the overnight curfew goes into effect. Based on the police reports, prosecutors are taking them to court demanding 2.000 EUR each.

Macedonia 18.03.20 | 10:00

Man faces 1.000 EUR fine for refusing to self-isolate

A man from Kavadarci faces a 1.000 EUR fine for refusing to self-isolate after he returned from a trip to Germany, which is considered a moderate risk country for spreading the coronavirus. The man refused to sign a declaration that he ill enter into self-isolation and a day later he was not in his home,...

Culture 24.12.19 | 22:39

Symbolic fine for the director who allowed Albanian nationalists to rampage in the Macedonian National Theater

Simona Ugrinovska, the director of the Macedonian National Theater, will not be dismissed but will have to pay a fine for allowing the Albanian nationalist group Shverceri to celebrate an event in the prestigious institution. Predictably, the “celebration” turned into a rampage as the fans...

Macedonia 21.11.19 | 13:47

Pet owner fined 500 EUR for abandoning his dog and her three puppies

In a first, the Food and Veterinary Agency (AHV) fined a pet owner 500 EUR for abandoning his dog and her three puppies. The fine was issued after it was confirmed that the man was the owner of the dog. An animal rights group took the dogs in and then filed a report with AHV. In his defense, the owner...

Macedonia 04.07.19 | 12:11

Tamara can be fined up to 1.000 EUR for her performance of the Macedonian anthem

Singer Tamara Todevska could be fined with up to 1.000 EUR for her rendition of the Macedonian national anthem at the reception in the US Embassy Independence Day event. Tamara omitted the verse that mentions Goce Delcev and other VMRO leaders who fought for Macedonian national liberation, a move that...

Macedonia 16.01.19 | 11:36

Fine up to 5,000 euros for institutions that will not respect the law on the use of languages

Central institutions, public enterprises, agencies, directorates, institutions and organizations, commissions, legal entities with public powers according to law, as well as all other institutions will be fined 4.000 to 5.000 euros in denar counter value for non-compliance with the provisions of the...