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Macedonia 22.10.21 | 19:34

Balkan lynx photographed at Galichica National Park

A young Balkan lynx, currently considered an endangered species, was photographed by the specially placed cameras meant to monitor roe activity at Galicica National Park. The photo of the lynx was quite clear and vivid. Lynxes are becoming a more and more rare sighting in Macedonian forests. Andon...

Macedonia 06.09.21 | 14:58

Crisis Center director Angelov hopes that the “morning dew” will put out a major forest fire

As the major Mt. Galicica fire began to spread lower along the mountainside, the Crisis Management Center was forced today to use helicopters for the first time in more than a week since the fire started. Previously, the manager of the Center, controversial figure Stojance Angelov, said that the helicopters...

Macedonia 05.09.21 | 18:01

Government says it can’t put out the Galicica fire because the area is heavily mined

After strong criticism from the citizens of Ohrid for the failure to put out a large forest fire on Mt. Galicica, Stojance Angelov, the head of the Crisis management center, responded that there is not much he can do since the mountain is heavily mined. Galicica was the site of fierce fighting in the...

Macedonia 05.09.21 | 10:15

Despite pleas from Ohrid, forest fire left to devastate Mt. Galicica for more than a week

For more than a week now, a fire is raging on Mt. Galicica. Citizens and media outlets of Ohrid, where the fire is clearly visible at night, have been urging the Government to help put it out, but there is no response. Macedonia suffered from devastating fires over the summer, when it was revealed that...

Macedonia 10.07.19 | 11:04

Two Ukrainian gliders saved after crashing on Mt. Galicica

Two Ukrainian gliders who fell while flying over Mt. Galicica on Tuesday afternoon, were rescued after a rapid search. The man and the woman crashed on the side of the mountain, on the Albanian side of the border. A search party, that included a Macedonian helicopter, were sent out and managed to find...

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