Tag: hate speech
Macedonia 25.06.22 | 14:48

Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry urges official Sofia to condemn hate speech and territorial claims expressed in Bulgarian Parliament

Macedonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Saturday it strongly condemns Friday’s printed banners reading “Macedonia is Bulgaria” which could be seen in the hands of some MPs during the session on the first item at the Bulgarian National Assembly, and also heard from the rostrum during the...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 21:05

Ali Ahmeti’s brother sends out hate filled message aimed at Macedonians

Fekri Ahmeti, Ali Ahmeti’s brother, sent out a hate filled video message enciting Albanians to look toward joining Albania and to “save themselves” from the claws” of the Macedonians. How can we be brothers with our enemies, who put us in danger. The Albanian can only love Albania...

Macedonia 14.04.20 | 12:12

In his latest hatefull screed, SDSM supporting commentator Trickovski wishes that opposition leader Mickoski dies of the coronavirus

VMRO-DPMNE accused the ruling SDSM party that it stands behind notorious leftist hatemonger Branko Trickovski, after his latest screed in which he wished death of the coronavirus on opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski. Trickovski remains a journalist in good standing in a number of left wing outlets...

Macedonia 06.02.20 | 23:23

VMRO-DPMNE condemns Trickovski’s hate speech behind which stands SDSM

VMRO-DPMNE strongly condemns the hate speech behind which directly stand SDSM and urges the authorities to react, the opposition party said in a statement regarding the recent anti-Semitic attack on minister Rasela Mizrahi by journalist Branko Trickovski. “I hear Mizrahi was again eating humus...

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 15:48

The Helsinki Committee turns to the police over “hate speech” violations during the Vardar celebration

The Helsinki Committee, a left wing organization which has been operating hand in glove with the Zaev regime to try and silence critics of the Government with “hate speech” lawsuits, announced it wil demand an action from the police regarding the celebration of Vardar’s EHF Champions...

Macedonia 15.02.19 | 13:01

Police ignores hate speech from pro-Government activist

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski announced that the police has initiated procedures against five people over hate speech after the fatal bus crash on Wednesday, and he implied that one of them is professor Biljana Vankovska, a critic of the Government. Vankovska wrote on her Facebook account that it...

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