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Macedonia 02.06.20 | 18:11

TV station producer from Labunista is the first journalist to die of Covid-19 in Macedonia

Bekim Bajramovski, a producer in the Spektra TV station from Labunista, is the first journalist to die from the coronavirus in Macedonia. Bajramovski (44) was among the seven Covid-19 patients who died on Monday, the worst day of the epidemic so far. Doctors say that Bajramovski contracted the virus...

Macedonia 15.04.20 | 18:24

Family of a victim from Labunista shares video of the moment they were turned back at the Ohrid hospital

The family of a 59 year old man from Labunista near Struga who died of the coronavirus shared a video of the tense moment when he was denied admittance to the Ohrid general hospital. The family sought assistance a week ago, but were turned back as the hospital is not equipped to deal with coronavirus...

Macedonia 15.03.20 | 11:15

Police patrolling villages near Struga where people arriving from Western Europe refuse to self-isolate

Police is patrolling a number of villages near Struga, after reports that people who have arrived from Western Europe are refusing to self-isolate. The emigrant heavy region which includes villages like Labunista, Podgorci and Oktisi could potentially see a repeat of the sitaution in Debar, where the...

Macedonia 31.10.19 | 18:36

Zaev confirms the mining incident near Labunista

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev confirmed that an incident occurred in Labunista near Struga earlier this week, where a misplaced mine caused damage to houses and blanketed the village with dust. With Economy Minister Bekteshi we met with the citizens and the member of Parliament from there and we are looking...

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