The family of a 59 year old man from Labunista near Struga who died of the coronavirus shared a video of the tense moment when he was denied admittance to the Ohrid general hospital.

The family sought assistance a week ago, but were turned back as the hospital is not equipped to deal with coronavirus cases. It was at least the second such case since the start of the epidemic which ended fatally. The man was sent to Skopje for treatment, and died several days later.

The hospital said that it sent an infectious diseases expert to examine the patient in the van that carried him, but could not allow him into the hospital. After it was determined that he is clearly suffering from Covid-19, the patient was sent to Skopje immediately. There are two clinics in Skopje equipped to treat coronavirus patients, as well as one in Bitola, that is relatively close to Ohrid, and another in Stip – meant to cover eastern parts of Macedonia.

Labunista, a large village near Struga where many locals work in Italy, has had 19 cases and seven deaths so far. This has prompted calls in Ohrid to close the city, not just the hospital, for visitors from the area of Struga.